Care + Safety

Caring for your candle is important and we encourage you to follow these steps to maintain a safe and enjoyable candle burning experience.


1. TRIM YOUR WICKS - Keep your wicks 1/4"" - 1/2"" long to ensure the best burn. Always re-center your wick after the candle has cooled.

2. BURN SAFE - Candles should always be on heat resistant surface when burning. Don't burn longer than 5-6 hours.

3. FIRST BURN IS IMPORTANT - The first time you burn a candle it should burn for 3-4 hours to avoid tunneling.

4. PROPERLY EXTINGUISH THE FLAME - While it's safe to blow out a lit candle in many vessels, we recommend using a wick stick to dip the wick or snuffer to extinguish flames on dough bowls. This will help to avoid blowing wax over your surfaces.

5. KNOW WHEN TO QUIT - When your vessel reaches 1/4"" wax, it's time to say goodbye.

Have more questions? Check our FAQs page or reach out to us directly.